Clothing Optional Vacations


Naturist Dance Videos

 Increase your Naturist Fitness with an aerobics class that you can exercise and dance along with
Jazz it up in a naturist led ballet/jazz class led
by a professional dancer.


Relax along with some Yoga, naturist-style dvds.
Enjoy nudist social occasions celebrated while dancing to pop music.

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Nudists Dancing To Pop Music.FKK Dance Mixer

Nudist social occasion celebrated with dancing to pop music. Lively.

Ballet and Jazz Class for NaturistsBallet and Jazz Class
Ballet/jazz class led by professional dancer. Elementary positions and exercise movements to music.


The pages above contain samples from Naturist or Nudist Documentaries, categorized by the their general theme (i.e. Naturist Sports, Naturist Outdoor Activities,etc.).  The Helios Natura Videos focus primarily on the FKK (Free Body Culture Society) of the Czech Republic, while the Synetech and Mike Herringg videos focus primarily on France.   For those of us, who are not privy to participation in such a culture, the absence of clothing is the most striking aspect of this culture.   However, as the viewer gets to know the Naturists / Nudists presented in these videos, their state of dress or undress fades into the background and the warm sense of community overwhelms.

clothing optional - nude beach goers

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