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Nudists Body PaintingBody Art Nudists

More body painting by, for and on, the Naturists. After waiting patiently for their new colors, the painted Nudists flaunt their artists' work.

Running Time: 60 minutes 
$60 DVD / $60 VHS



4th of July - Russian Naturists4th of July

The Russians greet Daniel Ramirez, our videographer, with typical American 4th of July activities. Mikhail also interviews key people in the Naturist movement.

Running Time: 60 minutes
$60 DVD / $60 VHS




Naturists Building BridgesBuilding Bridges

Enjoy a day of building bridges Naturist style. The teen girls from the Holy Nature team renovate the nature trail leading out to Karellian Lakes. At the end of the day the afternoon sun is perfect for practicing photography around the picturesque lake.

Running Time: 60 minutes
$60 DVD / $50 VHS


Russian Naturist Families Day of Sailing

A Day Of Sailing

Warm weather and smooth seas prompt three Russian families to take a days vacation, sailing to a private island and exploring the islands ruins. Filmed on high resolution digital video cameras creating beautiful and vivid scenery.

Running Time: 60 minutes
$60 DVD


Country Cottage NaturistsCountry Cottage Naturists

Singing, dancing, exploration of the cottage and garden. Playfulness, rest and relaxation. Idyllic day.

Running Time: 55 minutes
$60 DVD



The pages above contain samples from Naturist or Nudist Documentaries, categorized by the their general theme (i.e. Naturist Sports, Naturist Outdoor Activities,etc.).  The Helios Natura Videos focus primarily on the FKK (Free Body Culture Society) of the Czech Republic, while the Synetech and Mike Herringg videos focus primarily on France.   For those of us, who are not privy to participation in such a culture, the absence of clothing is the most striking aspect of this culture.   However, as the viewer gets to know the Naturists / Nudists presented in these videos, their state of dress or undress fades into the background and the warm sense of community overwhelms.

clothing optional - nude beach goers

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