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"Let’s applaud the Naked News for doing what the Web does best: confronting and pushing back the boundaries of conventional media." Online Journalism Review 



"FEELING A little depressed after watching the news these days? Have reports of terror, war and economic hard times left you wishing the news could be different? Hello Naked News." London Independent

"The audience …would like its news to be more like entertainment shows: better stories told by attractive personalities in exciting ways. There’s 'Naked News. It’s a woman giving the news as she’s getting undressed.
OR, on the other hand, you could have two boring people behind a desk."
 Les Moonves, Chairman CBS television.

"…Naked news Canadian website offers best international coverage this side of the BBC; naked part is gravy." Time Magazine

"Just the Bare Facts. The Naked News Has More Appeal Than Just the Nudity."

"Naked News has become an Internet phenomenon, spreading like a virus throughout the world." Washington Post

"Make no mistake - this is a real news broadcast." The Daily Texan

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