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Unique celebrations across naturist Russia
and naturist Europe with nude pool
parties, nude new years videos,
nude halloween and more... 

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Naturist / Nudist Videos documenting everyday people doing
 everyday things promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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Naturists With DolphinsDreaming of Dolphins

Skinny dipping with dolphins. As nudists themselves, the dolphins seem to accept the Naturists into their world. Afterward, a group gets together for another great yacht ride, complete with diving and swimming in the ocean.

Nudist Halloween PartyHalloween Party

Pranksters and jokesters. Lots of paint to go around. Ghoulish masks. Games for the young kids.

60 minutes DVD $60.00

Nudist Christmas PartyChristmas Party

'Tis the season for the kids to be jolly.
Santa, dancing, musical chairs. Huge turnout.

60 minutes DVD $60.00




The pages above contain samples from Naturist or Nudist Documentaries, categorized by the their general theme (i.e. Naturist Sports, Naturist Outdoor Activities,etc.).  The Helios Natura Videos focus primarily on the FKK (Free Body Culture Society) of the Czech Republic, while the Synetech and Mike Herringg videos focus primarily on France.   For those of us, who are not privy to participation in such a culture, the absence of clothing is the most striking aspect of this culture.   However, as the viewer gets to know the Naturists / Nudists presented in these videos, their state of dress or undress fades into the background and the warm sense of community overwhelms.

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