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Table of Contents

  1. Are Naturist documentaries legal where I live?
  2. Are these regular VHS videos?
  3. Is there a discount for ordering several titles?
  4. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
  5. Where is my order?
  6. Who is Naturist World Videos?
  7. Who is Enature?

Are Naturist documentaries legal where I live?

The Naturist documentaries that we sell are legal in every city, every state and every county inside the United States.  They are protected by the First Amendment and are not subject to local obscenity laws or ordinances. The depiction of adults and children nude in the visual media has enjoyed constitutional protection in the United States since 1958, when the Supreme Court vacated a Court of Appeals finding that Sunshine & Health magazine could be obscene (Sunshine Book Co. v. Summerfield, Postmaster General, 355 U.S. 372). The right to depict adults and children in innocent nude poses has been upheld without a pause for 41 years. In case after case, the Supreme Court and lower courts have always upheld the constitutionality of "nudity without more," specifically referring to the nudist depiction as a fully constitutional form of expression.  Our documentaries are widely sold in all of Asia, Europe, South America, Canada, Australia and Africa.  The only exception may be countries where nudity of any kind is banned, i.e.  Iraq, Syria, and Iran.  

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Are these regular VHS videos?

Yes.  In the United States, Canada and many other countries, a format for VHS called 'NTSC' is used.  'NTSC' is the format that all VHS tapes in the U.S. use, most people are just not aware of it -- these are the same regular VHS tapes you always use.  This is the format that we will send, unless you specifically request 'PAL' format VHS tapes.

This feedback regarding Australian VCRs may be of value to Australian and other customers from countries using PAL:

"In Australia (which, as you're aware, uses PAL) almost all video machines sold these days - even the cheapest ones - have a "NTSC playback" feature, which allows you to play (but not record) tapes which are VHS NTSC. (However, the quality is not as good as the PAL, of course, but it is quite acceptable)."  -- a customer.


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Is there a discount for ordering several titles?

Yes.  We build this discount into our flat rate shipping price.

Say, for example, you plan on ordering 10 videos or books.  If you order:

a)  1 video on 10 separate occasions you pay:   $60.00 for U.S. Priority Mail

but, if you order:

b)  10 videos at one time you pay:  $6.00 for U.S. Priority Mail    (a $56.00 savings for purchasing the entire quantity at one time).

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How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We ship out orders the day after they arrive here.  If you order by phone or Internet your order will ship out the next business day.  If you order by mail allow a few days for us to receive your order.  In the U.S., Priority Mail typically takes 3 business days (but can vary from 2-5 business days) and Express Mail takes 1-2 business days and is insured.  Air mail to Canada usually takes 1 week.   Elsewhere Air Mail takes 2-3 weeks and surface mail 6-8 weeks.  On rare occasions delivery time may take longer.

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Where is my order?

If you have placed an order and it is taking longer than expected to arrive, here are some possible reasons:

  1. Some previous customers are still mailing orders to our old address in Santa Barbara.  This will add at least a week, as it takes a few days for us to receive the orders.
  2. At some apartment and/or office buildings, the postal carrier will hold larger boxes.  Please check with your postal carrier.
  3. Your credit card or check may have been declined by the bank.  We try to e-mail customers when this occurs but sometimes no e-mail address is provided or the customer has trouble receiving e-mail.
  4. Surface mail overseas can sometimes take up to 10 weeks.
  5. The address provided may have been incorrect.  In all such cases the packages have always arrived back here but it sometimes takes several weeks.  Again we will try to e-mail the customer in such a situation.   We currently have 5 paid for orders sitting in our office unclaimed -- after several attempts to reach the customer who paid for them.
  6. On a couple of occasions neighbors or roommates have picked up the customers' packages and forgotten to mention it to the customer for a few days.
  7. On no occasion in over 30,000 orders has the U.S. Postal Service ever lost a single order sent by Enatue.  On less than 5 occasions the orders have taken more than 2 weeks beyond their expected arrival times.
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Who is Naturist World Videos

Naturist World Videos is part of the nude mall belonging to  We have been authorized by Enature to sell their products.  All videos are shipped directly from Enature, and all the prices are the same.  There are many more titles to choose from showing the experiences of people around the world within the naturist lifestyle.

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Who is originally began in 1995 (under the name Body-n-Mind) selling art and photography books and other niche market titles by small publishers.  In late 1996 we shifted our focus to Naturist  Book and Video Documentaries.  We still have a few of the art and photography book titles, which relate to nudes in nature (those by David Hamilton and Jock Sturges) and some that are on their way to selling out (Sally Mann's titles.) is proud to support the ideals of Naturism by presenting documentaries to an expanding audience.  Your purchase of these videos and books provides financial and moral support to those who practice Naturism as a part of a healthy lifestyle.  This support helps ensure that body positive and environmentally sensitive views survive and flourish.


All images of or from books or videos are for advertising purposes only and remain the property of the publisher and/or artist. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without first obtaining permission in writing from the entity or entities that own intellectual property rights therein. All publications, books, and videos sold by have been reviewed by an attorney and no item contains any visual depiction of "lascivious exhibition(s) of the genitals or pubic area," clothed or unclothed, involving a person under the age of 18. Any questions or concerns regarding the legality of this site's contents, marketing, or products should be directed to either of the following independent attorneys, who are prominent experts in First Amendment law and provide legal advice and representation for Stanley Fleischman (Los Angeles, CA), Barry Fisher (Los Angeles, CA) and Jeffrey Douglas (Santa Monica, CA). Copyright matters are handled by, lawyer, Arthur Stanley Katz (Paso Robles, CA)and Elliott Disner (Los Angeles, CA).


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