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Tips on Giving A "Rock Star"
Nude Massage

What a great Nude Massage - I feel younger already!
Massage the stress away!

It is best if your partner is nude or at least removes as much clothing
as they are comfortable with. Then, apply the massage lotion.

It will serve all parties involved, if you use a basic massage
oil or lotion for the full body massage and use the other oils like
ones that heat up when you blow on them or flavored lotions
for a special treat (optional) at the end of the nude massage.

When massaging be sure to reach all parts of the body
including a breast massage, butt massage, and other
areas that usually do not get that much attention.
(Obviously- Make sure your partner is comfortable with all the above!)

 romantic gifts

Below are some essential tools (recommendations) that may assist
you in giving or receiving your "rock star" nude massage!

Erotic Body Lotion and Tantric Massage Oils


Body Butter

Lover's Choice Fantasy Suite Gift Set For Every Occasion

   lovers massage gift

Make a special romantic occasion absolutely extraordinary with the Fantasy Suite! This romantic gift kit will make your celebration simply sublime. Enclosed you will find warming massage oil, chocolate body paint with brush, champagne flutes, a champagne bucket, two satin robes, one thousand scented silk rose petals, three pillar candles, fifty tealights, the Amazing Hot Heart Massager, a romantic music CD, and a full color romance guide. Everything you need to create the perfect romantic experience that only dreams are made of is included. This is a perfect gift for the bride and groom on their wedding night or any romantic occasion including a special anniversary. What better way to impress your partner in a way they will never ever forget!


Kama Sutra Tantra is a practical, sex-positive, exploratory
approach to improving sexual pleasure.

Kamashastra science of sex, which deals with the sexual
relationship between man and woman and discusses
the ways of making sexual life enjoyable.

Modern Tantra is a spiritual and sexual pathway for 21st Century lovers.
Learn the essential elements for expressing divine energy in and between lovers.

Explore this journey as sacred lovers.

Come unlock your mind, your emotions, and the seven energy centers of the body. Let yourself be guided to explore full-body/mind/spirit connection with your
sexual partner, from the very basics to attaining divine sexual ecstasy.
Practice new lovemaking techniques that work.
Hosted by, Dr. Patti Britton, a Clinical Fellow of the American Academy
of Clinical Sexologists, Diplomat of the American Board of Sexology,
and Certified Sex Educator by the American Association of Sex
Educators, Counselors and Therapists.
She has helped thousands of couples to enhance their sexuality
through her books, workshops and DVD's.

Check out The Modern Tantra-DVD


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