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Body in Mind focuses on female beauty, and attracts the best photographers from all over
the world shooting beautiful, non-sexual nudes. Continuing in the pinup tradition of the 40s, cheesecake of the 50s, Playboy of the 60s-70s and Supermodels of the 80s, Body in Mind
re-introduced this focus to the 90s and beyond.

Today Body in Mind consistently features'super beauty' - the most uplifting, spirited, wholesome, non-sexual nudes around.

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What is the difference between a nudist and a naturist?

There could be no difference really, depending on whom you ask. In Europe, the term naturist is the most familiar, with nudist being the older term. In North America, some people use the two words interchangeably. Others identify two different philosophies which have nudity in common.

Those who find a difference define naturists as closer to nature and more interested in parks or beaches, and nudists as people who practice nudity in more of an urban club setting or resort.

Not all people who practice naturism/nudism like the labels. They don't see themselves as different from anyone else. In addition, not all nude people at the beach or resort support the naturist/nudist philosophy.



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