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My First Nudist Experience

Here is a fun way to tell you how I got through
my first nudist experience while visiting Hedonism II.

The Naked Trial Run - July, 1997

I get up in the morning to take a nude trial run on the beach (really just a walk). It's about 7:30am
and I head down to beach where they have that line in the sand. You know that line? You cross the line means dropping it all. Not as dangerous as the demarcation line with North Korea, but to some just as frightening. I figure if I do this now I'll be better prepared to take the nude plunge with a crowd
of nakedness around me if the opportunity presents itself later on. I know for those veteran nudists
out there I may be making too much of this but one day I will look back and have a good laugh as well. Like right now. I proceed across the line into the naked depths of Hedonism II.

The Nude Beach

There is no one around and my plan is working out fine. I continue to walk along the nude beach feeling the sand between my toes and adjusting my stride with my lower half hearing freedoms ring.

After working out some minor details and getting the rest of me in sync I am well on my way.
I follow the sand around to the end as it hooks into a rocky path facing the aqua blue water.
Call me Aquaman! I lift my arms in a triumphant sign of accomplishment and drop all my clothing
on the ground. I have good posture, chest out, among other things and really feel what it's all about.
I own the beach. Then I start to get a little philosophical and all I could think of is that song by Bob Dylan: "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the a-n-s-w-e-r is b-l-o-w-i-n-g in the wind".
This is pretty cool right about now until, uh oh, a woman walks out of nowhere onto the beach
(nude, of course), and into the water. Now she owns the beach. How will I handle this situation -
I align myself with all those Heisman trophy winners as I assume the position while the woman
takes her swim then walks out of the water and out of sight. I can finally put my trophy down and I own the beach once again. I did it!  I walk back across the beach along the water and experience
the sea breeze. Talk about a blow job. I could stay here for a while longer.

I'm not surprised to hear all these innuendos run rampant at these destinations. I have the rest of
my vacation to do this again, this time with real nude people. I'm ready! What could possibly
happen next?

After The Naked Trial Run

After I take my trial run I have a celebratory breakfast and then go over to the regular side of the
beach where I am just hanging out inside my bathing suit (sounds weird to say that now) with
many others I just met. We are all in the water on those floats with all the little holes in them.
It looks like one giant drink holder. This comes in very handy. Everyone is laughing and after
basically the whole day of drinking rum punch or whatever it is they water down, we are all ready
to try our luck at the nude pool. Without thinking too much about it, I find myself heading over with everyone else. My nervous energy kicks in and the adrenaline is such a rush as well as my buzz
from all the rum.

I find it is a most relaxing time with some of the most stress free people I have ever met. I can get used to this!  I do have a conversation with someone in the nude pool and also have lunch by the
nude grill. And there is the wet (nude) bar that is just awesome! I can swim right up and order a
drink. hmmm. What a pleasure! This is easier than always having to get out of the pool with things flopping around and such. It's the "such" part that makes me nervous. The less flopping around one has to do the better. In all honesty, no one cares that you get out of the pool. It’s all in your head. Once you realize this you are well on your way. An experience you will not soon forget.

The one area I need help in is applying the lotion without getting those red blotches all over. It's like going sunbathing with a disorderly. The one thing I'm nervous about is peeling. A guy like me can’t afford to lose anymore girth than he already has to. I'd like to leave this discussion for another time.

The Naked Conclusion

You can't faked, when you're naked!  Nudists are everyday people who like to do everyday things,
they just do it wearing a little less. It just might be a little drafty at their end.

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